Today Tezasa faces new challenges, designing complete lines and integrating in them all the technology that its I+D department(Know-How) develops thanks to the extensive field experience of its electrical, electronic and programming department.
Tezasa performs the commissioning of all the facilities with its own equipment and provides maintenance plans according to the needs of each client and each installation

The constant diversification, innovative spirit and internationalization are the key factors that allow us to face the current challenges of Industry 4.0. TEZASA incorporates in its projects augmented reality (AR), virtual simulation of production processes (VR), scanner, 3D modeling and photometry, incorporating all new technology that permanently allows us to be at the leading-edge of the ceramic Industry.

Origin and development

The origin of Tezasa comes from “Talleres Ereza”, a pioneer in the manufacture of equipment and installations for the ceramic industry with more than 10 national and international patents, when part of its management team becomes part of society, thus continuing its history centenary

In 1982, the current company was created under the name of TEZASA, with the aim of continuing to offer state-of-the-art machinery, engineering services and technical assistance to customers in the ceramic and related sectors.

In the 80s, TEZASA began to export numerous facilities and grinding lines to Portugal, Morocco and Italy. Already in its beginnings TEZASA diversifies its activity, they develop and commercialize alternative solid fuel burners, burners and combustion chambers of their own design, directed both for the Ceramic Industry and for the Agricultural sector. Getting in these years a great expansion, with more than 100 achievements in different countries.

In the 90s, the collaborations of important engineering partnerships allowed us to continue working in several countries of the American continent, Africa and Asia. Meanwhile in Spain, taking advantage of the growing construction market, it consolidates its activity, becoming one of the first national company in both technology and services offered to its customers.

TEZASA: Specialists in clay preparation; Specialists in facilities; Specialists in Start-ups